Christopher Reid grew up in Issaquah and joined the US Marines after graduating Issaquah High School in 1998. After 4 years on active duty, participating in the opening invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, Chris returned to Issaquah and pursued his transfer degree from Bellevue College.
During his time in college Chris remained in the Marine Reserves and was accepted to Gonzaga University during his second deployment in Iraq. Chris graduated with honors in 2007 and was hired as a police officer with the City of Everett where he stayed until leaving in 2014 to become a financial professional.
Chris started Presidio Financial Group, a registered investment advisory firm. As a fiduciary with a deep investing history Chris brings his knowledge of real estate, the markets, and insurance planning all to the table when helping his clients plan for their financial future.


Daniel graduated from Western Washington University in 2007 with degree in marketing. After graduation he began his career in risk management and was rapidly promoted past his peers to become a manager at a large insurance company. Dan’s drive and initiative eventually led to him managing over 50 employees of one of America’s largest insurance companies. As a result, Daniel was able to develop his managerial and leadership skills while growing his division to one of the top sales regions in the US.

Since 2014 Daniel has been involved in over 100+ real estate transaction while building his own real estate portfolio. Daniel has extensive knowledge of multiple classes of real estate across a broad market spectrum. Daniel knows that growing and developing his team is as much a part of his success as his own acumen, and he firmly believes that the only way to grow is have others around him that bring just as much value to the relationship as he does.